Artist Portraits for Art Exhibition Incontri

It was real fun to photograph four artists and all of them utilize different media to express their art. I think artists are the most playful, they were like children in my studio. I photograph babies and young children and babies every week, so I’m well trained. I often get the compliments, “Amanda, you are very patient.” Yes, I am and I think playing is a way of life, the way we learn new things, the way we live, laugh and have fun. Here are some “Behind the Scene” photos when we were having the photo shoot. Getting their makeup done. They were curious about how makeup artist Martina and I work together. We were adjusting the makeup 🙂 When I photograph another photographer, I often got photos taken also. XD That was Enzo photographing me. Discussions with Enzo about photography while shooting. The artists managed to find toys in my studio to play with while I was shooting. They were just like children, very playful and fun to be with. Photographing Josette, this was the second time I photographed her. She is beautiful as usual. And the guys managed to make her smile all the time. Shooting and giving instructions […]

A shoot with Darrin Zammit-Lupi

Darrin is an excellent photographer, his most renowned work is ISLE LANDERS which covers the stories about the migrants from Africa. His work is a part of European history. He had an solo exhibition last year in December. Before the exhibition, the magazine Sunday Circle wanted to do a story about him and they needed some good portraits of him.  The magazine already has some photographers who they work with but they thought about Darrin is a very good photographer and being in the field for so many years, they asked him if he would like to recommend someone to take the portraits for him. Darrin asked me. One day I met Darrin, he told me about the magazine and said, “Would you do it?” Imagine the good old 17th century Dutch painter Rembrandt, asked another painter to paint his portrait. How stressful the painter would be? Darrin didn’t want to put pressure on me, he said to me that it would be o.k. if I didn’t want to do it, he would understand. “Of course I’ll do it. I’m glad that you ask me.” I said. “That’s great.” Darrin seemed relieved. I took the job happily. I am confident about what […]

Portrait ideas – Free Posing

Free posing is one of the difficult things to do in front of camera. Most of my clients are not professional models, usually I give a lot of instructions to help them to pose. Where to put the hands, the way they look, chin, neck and shoulder, I pose them to the most flattering position to compliment their features. Of course, I use posing and lighting to thin them down and to create the most attractive shape of their body. But it’s a wonderful feeling to have free posing images. It’s natural, casual and fun. So normally I use the dancing method, I ask them to dance in front of camera. And the dance I teach them to do is super simple, basically I just ask them to swing, swing to the left and swing to the right. The way I dance here is a bit more like free style dance. I love dancing and I love to see the movement in the images, freeze the beautiful moments. [singlepic id=2 w=800 float=none]   Behind the scene. [singlepic id=1 w=800 float=none]  

Classic Portrait shoot set in outdoor – easy and simple set up!

This is a simple outdoor shoot set up for a classic black and white portrait shoot with a black background. How simple? You only need 3 things for the studio set up. 1 light stand 1 flash 1 softbox Location: Anywhere without strong wind. (So the softbox will stay put!) I set the studio by a small fishing port. The street lamp can help with the camera focusing. [singlepic id=15 float=none] Behind the scene with the classic look B&W portrait set up   Method: Lighting by the flash, no ambient light. When the day is getting dark, in the late afternoon, choose a place where is in the shade. Set your camera at the highest shutter speed sync with the flash, adjust you aperture until the exposure goes right down, lower than Ev -2. So you won’t pull any street light into the shot. My camera setting: ISO:160 Shutter:1/160 Aperture:5.6 [singlepic id=16 float=none] With this shot, I added another flash to lit up the back of her hair.   Any thought or question you can leave it in the comment. 🙂