Photo Shoot with Therese

There is a little story behind the photo shoot. Therese had a photo shoot before with another photographer (that wasn’t me) and it was a long time ago. She didn’t have a good experience as the photographer told her that her face feature was not perfect. That affected her confidence. When I first saw Therese, she has the gorgeous smile and beautiful eyes, I immediately felt that it would be so easy to take beautiful photographs of her. In fact no one is perfect. I believe that it’s a photographer’s job to flatter the subject, to see the good features of the subject and enlarge it, make the person shine. I’m glad that she is very happy about the photographs I took for her. She is such a natural beauty. I hope that through the photo shoot experience with me and the results would empower her and bring her confidence back.  

Actor and actress’ head shot

A headshot is designed to give a good perspective, or provide a good idea, of what a person really looks like. Headshots must clearly and accurately present that person’s facial features and show clear detail that would otherwise not be present in a full body photo. Angie is an actress. She recently took part in a foreign film production in Malta and she was selected to join the filming in England. Malta has many great locations and beautiful landscapes that attract many film production came to Malta. From “The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) “, “The Gladiator (2000), “Game of Thrones” to recent production by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt “By the Sea (2015)”, they all chose to film in Malta. Angie booked a photo session to have her professional head shot done. It’s a great investment. As great head shots are essential for actors and actress. A headshot is used for many reasons, but in the entertainment business, a headshot is distributed to promote actors or actresses. Casting directors use these photos as a way to see who they might want to hire for work in their next production. Talent agents use these photos as a way to quickly […]

The beautiful gift, he for she.

I’ve always thought it’s a fantastic idea to gift a photo session to someone. There are more and more men came my studio to buy a photo session gift voucher for the woman they love. These men are so sweet and I was surprised how thoughtful they are. The guys asked the details of the photo session, giving ideas about the looks and on the day of the photo session I got the text message, “Please look after her.” These are the results of a photo session gift from Noel to Karen. Absolutely stunning. It’s a beautiful experience to be professionally photographed after all. I’ve photographed many women who had their very first time photo session with me. The amazing results not only shows in the beautiful photographs but also in their spirit and in their mind. It’s kind of magic that a person is vulnerable in front of camera but when they are properly treated and photographed, the instant boosted confidence is very powerful. Sometimes it’s not enough just say “You are beautiful, so I show them. They shine when they are encouraged. As I know so well about the vulnerability when being in front of camera, personally I […]

Holy Communion Photo Session

It was this little girl’s first holy communion. We are not only did the Holy Communion dresses but also combine some other outfits and some shots with her sibling. More information for Holy Communion Photo Session:  

Graduation Photo Session

The photo session was a graduation gift from Josette to her niece Kristabel. Such a wonderful gift, the beautiful memory would last a life time.   Apart from the traditional graduation outfits, we have also created some other contemporary looks. I would recommend to create more then just the traditional look, it’s more of a complete photo session. Some behind the scene photos.

Family photo shoot

In a family photo shoot, whether you like it or not, kids are the ones who run the show, it’s the same with Claire’s family. I love the nature emotion when a family get together. It’s just beautiful. When I captured a beautiful photograph like these, I feel my job is important and worth having — I preserve the precious memory for people and I know the photo will be up on the wall in the home and they will cherish the photograph forever. The memory is priceless and no money can buy. It’s a photographer’s pride and joy. That’s why I love photographing a family. It’s challenging as it’s involving many people with different age. Everyone needs different direction and guidance and kids are not very good at taking instruction. It’s important to keep everyone happy and maintain the playful and upbeat atmosphere. I usually ask parents to bring kids’ favourite toys and snacks to keep them fed and happy.   So how to get a great family photo? Creating a great family photo is never an easy task and I do everything I can to make it happen. My method is simple. I separate them into small group […]

Photo shoot story: with another photographer

This is one of those shoots that I totally enjoyed it and forgot about time. Kersty is a very talented architectural photographer who picked up the camera only a few years ago and she just had her exhibition recently. I love her work, it was a thrill that she contacted me for a photo shoot. “Wow! That’s so cool that she would let me photograph her!” She is open minded and she was up for all type of suggestion for the shoot. It was great that she gave me the trust and a lot of room for creativity. We had a lot of fun during the shoot and the results are so good that I decided to share it on my blog. I wanted to make the blog article more interesting so I asked her if she would answer a few questions for me and also to encourage fellow photographers to do a photo shoot with me like she did. Kersty is the most kind and generous, I am so appreciate that she spent the time to write for my blog. Here are the Q&As with Kersty: 1) What is the initial idea that you to do a personal photo shoot? How […]

Glamour Photo Shoot

What’s the word for 50+ women? I think it’s fabulous. I love photographing matured women, they are so much fun to be with. They are witty, smart and they know what they want. I often get inspired by them. I’m curious about life and people. I like to be with people who can give me different prospective about things in life and sharing invaluable life experience. That’s why we always talk a lot during the photo session and that’s also how I get the most beautiful photographs of them. I let them to be who they are, then they shine. Marthese Everyone is different, I always want to create something special and beautiful. I love this black and white portrait. Lorraine Stylish and elegant. Kersty Celebrating young and beautiful. We absolutely love the results.