Location:Casa Rocca Piccola Helga Ellul – Director of ADVISE LTD, former CEO of Playmobil for over 30 years. Helga was the first of the 15 women I met. She responded to my invitation in a few days and we were soon corresponding, and set a date for our meeting very quickly. I couldn’t believe that Helga Ellul was coming to my studio. I told everyone about it. I talked to people about Helga, people who knew about her heard that I invited her for the project, they told me, “oh yes, Helga is a lovely person.” She is known as a first business woman in Malta. She was the CEO of Playmobil for 30 years. Back in those days there weren’t many women running a company like her. As our experience in life, if you do something unusual, you get criticised. So I asked her some questions about being a CEO, a business women in those days. She told me that back in those days, there were some people who thought she was a super woman who knew everything. To clarify that impression, she had parties at home and invited all the neighbours to join. As people got to know […]

Exhibition: Women in Malta – Joan Abela

Location:Casa Rocca Piccola Joan Abela – Historian Joan is the chairperson of the Steering Committee for the Rehabilitation of the Notarial Archives and the President of the Notarial Archives Resources Council. She has a cheerful voice when she talks and from her her eye shadow and her outfit I can see that she loves bright colours. When a person loves what she/he does, they can always talk about it all the time and all day long. When I just started to ask her questions about her work, she told me, ” I can talk about it all day.” The week I would like to set a meeting with her she was happened had to go to Greece for a conference. She told me she likes to go to conferences abroad to meet people from different countries, show them Maltese archive discoveries, give a presentation and to know where Maltese archive stand among all the countries. Then I ask, after all those conference she has been to, where does Maltese archive stand? “Exceptional! In archive, we are very lucky to have so much archive.” She answered proudly. Then she said wanted to tell me something which really amazed me. She started […]

Exhibition: Women in Malta – Laurie Pace

Location:Teatru Manoel Laurie Pace – Olympian, former Judoka I met Laurie on a Saturday morning at the National Museum. I was sitting by the sea with a cup of cappuccino. I was early. It was very beautiful late autumn weather, the sunlight, cloud, and the colour of the sea just wonderful. Unfortunately there was a tourist blocking my view. He stayed in the same spot taking photos or videos for about 15 minutes, I wanted to take a nice photo to upload to my Instagram. Just as I was trying to upload the photo from my phone, a voice said, “Are you Amanda?” “Yes, I am. Hi Laurie!” I was happy to see her. She was dressed in a leather jacket and holding a helmet in her hand. She looked cool, I thought. “Did you come with a bike?” I asked. “Yes.” She nodded, running her fingers through her short hair, trying to adjust her hairstyle. I used to ride a scooter every day when I was living in Taiwan, I understand how a helmet can ruin a hairstyle. Soon we started to talk about the project, what the photo shoot was going to be, and also a little about […]

Exhibition: Women in Malta – Sandra Mifsud

Location:Teatru Manoel Sandra Mifsud – Dancer, Educator Sandra came into my studio wearing a t-shirt and comfy soft shoes, with the natural slim figure of a dancer. She gave me a beautiful smile as she walked in.  She talks in a very soft tone and never in a hurry. I asked what she thought about the project.  She said “It’s interesting, not just the old fashioned thinking of women, it’s about women having brains”. She didn’t ask me much about the project. She said “I will trust you blindly.” It’s really flattering as I have only met her once before, and am almost a total stranger to her. I’m grateful for the trust and support these 15 women are giving me. At the moment she is working on various projects. She seemed quiet and calm when she sat down and talked to me. But after we talked for a short while, I found that she is a very active person, she always has more then one project and things going on. She told me something interesting about her life. She said she always has a few projects going on at the same time, so that if one of them is not […]

Exhibition: Women in Malta – Lorraine Spiteri

Locations: Malta Chamber of Commerce Lorraine Spiteri – Chairperson of the Malta Confederation of Women’s Organisations She has been an activist in the women’s movement in Malta since 1978. Her main academic background and research are related to women and gender issues with special focus on the labour market and the media. The MCWO is an umbrella organisation representing 15 local organisations. The first time I met her, she told me she is 54, I couldn’t believe it. She look at least 10 years younger than that. She is a warm and caring woman. When she talks about what she believes with women’s right, she is strong and press the matter firmly. Recently she told me a happy news that her 3 submissions for Malta were shortlisted amongst member states and finally one also made it to the 11 selected good practices for improving women’s participation in politics. Q &A 1)When you feel down, what you usually do to make yourself feel better? How do you deal with stress? If I am going through some bad moments I usually keep it to myself and try to work things out knowing that tomorrow is another day. To de-stress I enjoy my cup […]

Exhibition: Women in Malta – Janet Mifsud

Location:Mediterranean Conference Centre Janet Mifsud – Professor in Pharmacology of University of Malta There were 5 days of photo shoots for ‘Women in Malta’. I got up 5:30am, left home about 6:30am to get to Valletta before 8am. I made sandwiches for my team and I. But after I got the basil from Janet, it took my sandwiches to another level!  I was amazed, the power of herbs! This amazing woman, Janet Mifsud, she is quick, efficient and knowledgeable. She is a professor at university of Malta, knows all about medicine and chemistry, which are totally mysteries to me. I told her I think cooking is magic, because when I bake a cake, before and after the oven it changes completely. Then she started to tell me that’s because of protein etc.  When she came for the photo shoot for “Women in Malta”, she brought me fresh herbs, that was a lovely surprise. In our last conversation we were talking about getting fresh herbs. She really has excellent memory. 🙂 Q& A 1)When you feel down, what you usually do to make yourself feel better? How do you deal with stress? Just do something else not related at all eg read a […]

Exhibition: Women in Malta – Rebecca Farrugia Hall

Location:Mediterranean Conference Centre Dress by Elisha Camilleri Designs | Fabric by Camilleri Paris Mode Rebecca Farrugia Hall – Flutist at Malta Philharmonic Orchestra I remember that I wanted to have a musician in my project. A musician who is actively performS music. I ask around and I found her. She had an interesting interview on internet that caught my eye. I thought she would be an interesting person to photograph. We got on really well for the first time we met. This project is a challenge both for me and for all the 15 women. I was glad she accepted my invitation although she really hate to be photographed. The energy we created together when we first met told me the fact that made me have the confidence and good feelings about the portrait session and I think we will have a lot fun during the photo shoot. Some people just have the charm that make you feel you can be comfortable and be yourself to talk to. Rebecca is very straight forward, no nonsense, her vivid description with words just so interesting. she has about 90 concerts a year both in Malta and abroad and just recently back from China. […]

Exhibition: Women in Malta – Mariella Pisani Bencini

Location:Teatru Manoel Mariella Pisani Bencini –  TV Producer and Writer Winner of national literary award 2005 The 15 women I photographed are all very active with tight daily schedule. I do appreciated that they took time to meet me and helped me with my project. It was a brief meeting with Mariella, she had the lovely smile as she walked in my studio. We talk about a bit about my project and how the photo shoot is going to be then I started to ask her the questions. Q& A 1)When you feel down, what you usually do to make yourself feel better? How do you deal with stress?When I am stressed out and consequently problems seem bigger and more unsolvable, when I end up with my back to the wall, without any solutions whatsoever, I close my eyes and pray God to take the burden off me. Prayer works wonders. 2)What you enjoy the most about your work?Through my television programme Meander, I come in contact with art- ists from all fields of the arts, very interesting people who have somehow through their art captured the true spirit of life. This is what I enjoy most in my work. 3)Have […]