Women-owned small business Network in Malta

I started this group “Women-owned small business Network in Malta” last year. I wanted to create a place for women like me, self-employed to connect and network so we don’t feel so alone. 🙂 We do monthly meetings, sometimes we simply meetup for an informal chat and very often we combine the meet up with a talk so we can learn from each other. I feel that everyone has a superpower and sharing knowledge is a great way of giving and receiving. And it is always exciting for me to host the monthly meetings and great talks.

Past monthly meeting speakers

In the past months, we had Nicole Bugeja talked about her superpower “The basics of public speaking”, Amanda Savona talked about “3 Steps to attract more clients”, Raiza Borg Carr talked about “Choosing Your Business name – What Steps to Take When Starting Your Own Brand”, Josephine Gauci talked about “Install Passion In All You Do and Create Success”, Maxine Bristow talked about “The correct Mindset For Getting Fit and How to Achieve it”, Marisabelle Bonnici talked about, “Food and Emotions – how to listen to your body” and Mateusz Podgorski, “A scientific and “Measurable” Approach to change your diet for better health and longevity.” It was the super exciting year 2019 with all the amazing speakers we had.

Our group is strictly for “Women” and “self-employed” in “Malta”. If you are “all that”, you’re very welcome to join our group. 🙂

Thank you again all our past amazing speakers and our group member attendances and support. We are looking forward for more great speakers and great topics in our studio.

Link for the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/365019934135822/

Women Networking Events

At Wasp. Hamrun.

I started to join networking events since last year. I think it’s a great way to meet like-minded people and connect. Through these events, I’ve met so many wonderful businesswomen and some we got to work together. It’s really amazing how diverse people and professions can be, I love hearing about their work and seeing their enthusiasm, the energy just incredible. At the beginning I was nervous and no idea what should I say or behave at the networking event, in my eyes, I see most of the women are so good at making conversation with people and public speaking while I couldn’t get words out clearly when I was nervous. But after been to many events with practice, eventually, I got better.

Me, on the left, the first time meeting Lesley who is a business development life coach.

These networking events really helps me to grow.
Among all the networking events, I really enjoy going to Mingle at Wasp. in Hamrun. The organizer Dana makes the event fun and enjoyable for everyone. She is a great hostess, very thoughtful and taking care of each everyone. We change networking partner every 15 minutes, it’s like speed dating, we get to talk to different person in a short amount of time. I get to work on how to briefly talk about what I do and leave time for the networking partner to talk about what they do, it’s so much fun. I’ve never been to a speed dating so for me this is super exciting. When we got the end of the event, I didn’t even realize the time has passed so fast. Apart from the Women in business Networking group which I organise monthly meeting and talks, this Mingle event I would highly recommend to people who just started to network, it’s a great way to meet nice and kind people, gaining confidence for the next big event.

Presentation at photography workshop in Ragusa Sicily.

Thanks so much for the Associazione fotografi Iblei for inviting me as a special guest photographer in the workshop in Ragusa. I was happy to have the opportunity to share my work with fellow photographers.




12795488_1668039570112891_4651267249940680203_nI talked about my fine art self-portrait project “Her” and receive many good responses. I talked about how I made the photographs and the stories behind them. They are very generous with applause, I was very encouraged and feeling grateful that people appreciate my work and the concept behind them. I’ve also shown some of my recent fine art works which I haven’t shown to public before.


I had an interpreter Ric for the translation from English to Italian. He had done a great job.


The workshop organizer Enzo. 12801508_1668037310113117_2552078870531237073_n

I talked about my exhibition project last year Women in Malta, showing the behind the scene video.


12802724_1668394083410773_8724630484829303944_n copy

The photographers came from allover Italy. There were 4 master photographers hosting 4 different workshops. They are wedding photographer Vincenzo Ferraro, reportage photographer Charley Fazio, post production Giuseppe Andretta and wedding videographer Vito D’Agostino.

10553809_228991930781219_8766845305274006926_o 12801695_228469980833414_8080285450830018641_n Screenshot 2016-03-17 17.58.23

The workshop event was covered by television and newspaper. I was interviewed a few time by local medias.

12729218_523905974457010_2923434698147001046_n 12832496_10153251935770044_7492411437585332043_n12799108_10207166626622559_8444051994231671083_n 12802978_955867764526506_5195329558180994093_n 12804830_10207166529180123_3901059975960192098_n I-vertici-di-Afi-con-i-master

Photo taken with the master photographers.

Thanks to the organizer Enzo Giummarra and people work for the event, they are so hospitable and friendly, everyone had a great time. Learning and having fun should always go together.

It was a very nice and special experience for me. I had a wonderful time.