Do it for yourself, whatever “it” might be

When I started to specialise on photographing women, I started to implement art nude and boudoir (lingerie) in my sessions. Besides the beautiful portraits, I found the sensual art nude and boudoir images are most empowering to women. They couldn’t believe they could have such sensual and beautiful images of themselves until they were brave enough to try. They see themselves in a different way. “It’s me?!” “I did this?!” “I can’t believe these are so beautiful and it’s me.” They gasp while looking at their own images. It doesn’t matter the image is framed in her bedroom or tuck away under the bed, every time she looks at the image, she remembers how beautiful she is, and that’s empowering. Many women don’t do it because they don’t think they can do it, but it’s never about size, shape or ages, everyone can do it, everyone has their own beauty. Some judge other women who would want such “provocative” images of themselves, some jealous the how daring those women are. But it’s never about what other people think, isn’t it?

When is last time you do things for yourself? Something bold, challenging and adventurous?

My mission is to empower women, one at a time. 🙂

What would you do?

“What would you do if you were not afraid?”
“What would you do if you know you can not fail?”

Taking risks is not our human nature, our instinct is to protect ourself from danger. But only if we take risks and try, things will change and you will change and gain experience.

I’m an expert on taking risks and fall on my face countless times. But I have gained so many great life experiences that I wouldn’t trade anything for.
“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” ~ Helen Keller summed up it all.

What was the risk you took and it turned out well for you?

This is beautiful Rike. She is a professional bassoon player and an awesome mother to 2 beautiful girls. we absolutely love creating natural shots like this.

The courage to be in front of the camera

I first picked up a camera when I was 19, the funny thing is I don’t have many photographs of myself in my 20s and early 30s. I didn’t like how I look in front of the camera. If there is someone taking photographs, I have a highly sensitive radar for cameras, I would have an alarm goes of in my head and I would hide. If it was a friend taking photos, I would delete most of them.
People think I’m a portrait photographer. I know how to pose people so I know how to pose myself in front of a camera. But it’s not true. When I photograph people, I see every detail, where to put the hands, the angle of the shoulders, how to position the legs, I see everything so I can adjust accordingly. When I was in front of a camera, I have absolutely no idea what to do because I don’t see myself. I might know some tricks but it’s never perfect. I start to take my own portrait because I feel that I’m a portrait photographer if I don’t have a good portrait it wouldn’t be convincing to people that I can take good portraits of them. So I take my own portraits and I want people to know that if a person like me can do it, everyone can do it.
I wish I have more photos in my 20s. So now I take my own portrait regularly and I can see my own growth even it’s still an effort for me to do it. I know I will cherish these portraits and when I get to my 40s, 50s and later on, these memories would be priceless for me.
I have some clients came to me for their first photo shoots and I do appreciate their trust in me. I see after their photo shoot, they gain more confidence with the camera, later one when they are out with friends taking selfies, they have more confidence and actually having fun. I’m just so happy that I can help people in this way, enjoy life in all sort of ways.
I hope this will encourage you to step in front of the camera.

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Why I have my own photograph taken?

Years ago, I used to hate being photographed. Now I don’t hate it but it is still an effort to put myself in front of the camera. It’s a journey and self-growth, I challenge myself to do something I fear and on the way, I learn a lot about myself.
I’m good at posing people but self-portrait is a very challenging task. There are too many things like angles, styling and posing to take care of and it’s definitely more challenging than photographing other people. I do it because “it’s challenging” and also because I know 10 years later I would be very happy to have the photograph, the memory that money can’t buy and it’s an amazing feeling to see my own growth and “ageing gracefully”. I hope this video will encourage people like me who don’t like to have photographs taken. I know how it feels and so I promise myself that I will make people like me, come to my studio feel more at ease in front of the camera and take the most beautiful photographs of them. And I am keeping the promise.

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Having photographs taken professionally is a kind of vanity?

Having photographs taken professionally is vanity?

Through a conversation I had with a friend, I realized some people think having photographs taken professionally is a kind of vanity. My friend is a modest person who doesn’t post many of her photos in public. I never thought of that and It’s interesting to hear people’s thoughts.
I don’t think having photographs taken professionally is being vain. I had a client came to the photo shoot and brought some photographs which were taken 20 to 30 years ago by other photographers. It was amazing to see her growth and different lift stage, her appearance changes over the year, she becomes matured and lost her baby weight. The documentary of her life just amazing and beautiful. That’s why I love my job because I find it is very meaningful and I get to photograph, document people’s life and show them their beauty. Imaging the photographs I take of you now, 10 years later they would be the beautiful memories, 50 years later they would be the family legacies, 100 years they will be museum collections. That’s how I see portrait photographs and that’s what I hope my work would be. My photographs now are all in museum grade paper, my photographs are going to outlive me and outlive the person in the photographs.

I photograph women in different ages, sizes and shapes, but it’s never about that. I love seeing people unfold in front of the camera and shine. I believe everyone can do it. The transformation we do in our studio just incredible. If you haven’t being professionally photographed, don’t be shy, get in touch with me, it’s a new experience that you will enjoy.

Photogenic or Not?

When I talk to people and show them my portrait work on my phone, I often hear people say “oh, she is so photogenic, not like me, I’m not photogenic at all.”, “Is she a model? She looks good in front of the camera, not like me, I hate to have my photo taken.”, “oh I have a friend she is very photogenic, she looks great in photos but not me.”
I’ve been in the photographic industry for so many years, I’ve seen average women shine in front of the camera over and over again. What I discovered was, there is no such thing as the gift you were given “being photogenic”, it’s everything to do with how comfortable you are in front of the camera, and that’s my job. 🙂
I love the celebrity style of portraits in the Vanity Affair and Vogue magazine, the elegant and gorgeous images are just captivating. I have done photo shoots for several magazines including local magazines Sunday Circle and Pink magazine, so I know what is it like to design a magazine photo shoot. Now I do every photo shoot like magazine cover photo shoot, it is so much fun. I even design outfits and accessories for photo shoots for women in all ages, sizes and shapes. After we style a woman, she looks just like the models in the magazine. I just love the transformation we do in our studio, it’s magic. 🙂
So don’t be afraid of being photographed, in our studio, we guide you through every step of the process and help you to create the beautiful photographs of yourself that you always want.

Have more question? Feel free to contact us with the form below. 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing you in my studio. 🙂

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Makeup and hair for “Women in Malta”

I’ve always interested in life experience, my own life experience and people’s life experience.
And they all teach me something.
I have Anabel and Remi as makeup artist and hairstylist of my exhibition project “Women in Malta”. They taught me something.

Anabel just lives a few blocks away from me, so we went to Valletta for photo shoots together in the morning.
Normally it takes about 30 minutes to get to Valletta but if we meet traffic that can be an hour or more. She didn’t want to take the chance being late.
“What time we have to be in Valletta tomorrow?” She asked.
“8 o’clock” I replied.
“I’ll pick you up at 6:30” She said.
It turns out we always get to Valletta before 8am or a lot earlier and I’m very happy about it.

She was quite persistent to check the makeup in my camera before I started to shoot. I often forgot to check and she would ask. She wants her work to look perfect in the photos and we did went on and on with some details. I know the more she cares the better the result.

When I started to look for people to work with, it’s not only about the skill, it’s about their personality as well.
I want to work with people I like. I know that very clear. I am sensitive with the people around me, I sense and notice everything goes on, I need to feel comfortable to be able to concentrate on working and with my best ability.
Anabel not only have the skill but also has the quality that she makes people feel at ease and comfortable in a short time. I knew she will take care of the 15 ladies very well. And it turns out everybody likes her.

When I first met Remi I was thinking, “This guy is tall and handsome, more like a model, can he do proper hairstyling?” Then I saw his work and knew he is pretty good. Two things he said caught my attention and I felt I would like to work with him.
First he said the most natural look of hair style can be the most difficult styling to achieve. I agreed. Second he said he doesn’t care about what he looks when he is working as long as his clients look good. People who work hard on their profession sometimes don’t have the time to look after their appearance. That I agree also.
Remi was quite persistent with the hair styling also, he kept poking his fingers into my frame when I was shooting and it did annoyed me a bit. He was adjusting the hair style and removing stray hairs. Again, I know the more he cares the better the result. So I was glad to put up with it.
I appreciate that they both are meticulous about details as I’m the same.

I like watching both of them working. When Anabel picks up her brush and moved between the pallets and face, she looks confident and happy. When Remi is working, his world only has one focus point, himself and the hair, everything else is blur. The concentration is like nothing can stop him doing what he was doing.


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Women in Malta – working progress

gorguss _Amanda_Hsu

(Something resembling!!!)

I’d like to think that I am immortal (too much The Lord of The Rings), I perform magic (too much Harry Potter and photography) and time is the most valuable thing and everything (too much Lucy. I’m having a love-and-hate relationship with time. )

There are rough times when I have to keep telling myself “don’t give up, keep going. ” But it’s nicer to hear someone to say it. (Friends are awesome!)

Anyway, after months’ preparation, contacting, meetings, research and work, finally “Women in Malta” is going to start the photo shoots next week. I’m very excited about it. This project has been testing my stamina and put me through challenges, nothing is easy in life as we all know it. It’s been a great ride and a lot of fun. (I’m loving it)

I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who help me with this project, I can’t do it without you and am immensely grateful to you.

The photographs for the “Women in Malta” exhibition won’t be uploaded to Facebook or Website. it’s totally “hush hush” as I would like to invite EVERYONE, all of you, to come to see the exhibition. (Journalists and TV programs are welcome to contact me for more information.)

My “Women in Malta” exhibition is on the 8th March for celebrating the International Women’s Day at the Chamber of Commerce, Republic Street, Valletta, for 2 weeks.

(Please put the date down on your diary 😉