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Watch a photo shoot

What’s included in your Photo Session?

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Consultation Meeting

The consultation appointment can be done either by video call or in studio, we’ll go through some images together, go over wardrobe choice, discuss about styling and how to prepare for your session.

Mix and match your own favourite dresses/outfits, we also have some photo shoot accessories in the studio.

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We have in-studio makeup and hair starting, a session typically starts at 1:30 p.m so you can relax and enjoy being pampered. It lasts about 1 hour.

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We’ll spend about 1 hours photographing different outfits as we discussed during the consultation. I will pose you from head to toes and talking you through each step of the process.

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Images normally ready for viewing after 7-14 days after the photo shoot. We will make an appointment for you to come back to studio for viewing and ordering session.


  • I am in awe of Amanda who has managed to capture me so entirely in photograph!

    As women, we often receive way more comments about how we look rather than our accomplishments, talents, personality or character.⁠ ⁠ But our appearance, including our body size and weight, do not determine our value. There are far more things that make us valuable in the world, and we need to start finding our strengths and appreciating them! ⁠ ⁠ The old me would not have felt comfortable showing this picture with so much of my arms showing. The new me though loves this pic! It shows who I am entirely 🙂 It shows my character and personality and how happy I am with my life at the moment. As well as being a testament to my body which has been through so much and carried me at my heaviest!⁠ ⁠ I am in awe of Amanda who has managed to capture me so entirely in photograph 🙂 thanks so much i truly appreciate how dedicated to u are at making women feel great ☺️

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    Pharmacist, Published Author and blogger
  • I cannot thank you enough for making me feel at ease and beautiful!

    Amanda thank you so much for the beautiful experience. I have never been fond of taking photographs but you made me feel comfortable and truly enjoyed the experience. You are AMAZING! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ You have the great ability of putting people at ease and bring the beauty inside to the outside!! That is such a unique talent. I cannot thank you enough for making me feel at ease and beautiful!! Only you could bring the self confidence in the forefront. Forever grateful!!

     AmandaHsu_4023web Home
    Mariella C.
  • An experience not to be missed and definitely worth it.

    From photographer to model. Last weekend I was in front of the camera with a very talented photographer Amanda Hsu It was a great experience and fun shoot with an amazing photographer Amanda and great Make Up Artist. Thank you both so much, you are a great team. An experience not to be missed and definitely worth it. I was impressed by her professionalism, talent and guidance. Yesterday I saw the first outcome and I am really happy with it Thanks so much Amanda I had so much fun and you are great in making people feel comfortable I can only recommend to every photographer a similar experience, especially to portrait photographers. It teaches you so much how your models feel.

     Amanda_Hsu_9526bw-1 Home
  • Amanda is certainly the best portrait photographer in Malta

    I done the photo shoot with Amanda Hsu, the owner of Cranberry studio and it was absolutely lovely experience… She is very talented and creative, with plenty of ideas every single moment…Committed to her work, experienced, patient, calm, taking care about every detail: hair, make up, posing, shadows, lights, expression of the face, body talk, absolutely everything to make perfect photo. The shoot we made together was absolutely professional, and at the end all photos were done to perfection – I strongly believe that is the only way she do it.. *My honest recommendation, Amanda is certainly the best portrait photographer in Malta…

     Amanda_Hsu_9623dragana-200x300 Home
    Dragana P
  • you made me feel, and look, beautiful

    Amanda Is a very talented photographer, and a wonderful lady! I was apprehensive about the photo shoot, but she very soon put me at ease. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, Amanda, I loved every moment, you are a great personality and photographer. and you made me feel, and look, beautiful and for that I thank you very much. Much love from an appreciative subject. x x x

     AmandaHsu_6997_50over50 Home
    Patricia H.
  • It was such a lovely experience! Cannot wait for my next photo shoot session with you.

    I would highly recommend Amanda, the owner of Cranberry Photography Studio. She is an extremely talented photographer and artist. I had a graduation shoot with her and I am so happy with the outcome. Whilst I was there I also took a natural portrait photo. It was such a lovely experience! Cannot wait for my next photo shoot session with you.Thank you Amanda .. Amazing work! 🙂

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    Erika F.

Amanda Hsu Portrait Photographer

Hi I’m Amanda, I specialise in portraiture and my Cranberry Photography Studio is in Mosta, Malta.
I’ve had people look at my portfolio and think I only shoot with models, but that’s not true. I photograph all shapes/ages/sizes. (Hint: A lot of them just look like models after we’ve done styling and posing them!).
Women often put other things or people ahead of themselves and most of my clients fall into this category – they haven’t felt beautiful in years and they tell me they hate being in front of the camera.
When I started to have a portrait studio in Malta, I wanted to create a studio which caters to these types of women. We provide profession makeup as well as a consult beforehand so that busy women don’t have to stress out for the small stuff.
Are you ready to book your shoot? Or maybe you still have questions. Please feel free to contact me.


  • Thank you so much! I consider this is a great compliment to my work. 🙂 A few of them might have some more photoshoot experience than other but most of them are actually had their very FIRST photo session with me, they are  women just like you. 🙂 I pose them in details down to the last finger. Everyone has different size and shape, I know very well how to pose women to their very best. So my answer is yes, you can absolutely do this.

Other questions?