Interview in Pink Magazine

It was interesting to have the interview with Pink Magazine, they really went in depth to ask me all the questions. They are good questions, it took me a bit time to came out the answers as something I didn’t even think of before. Like “Whose portrait would you most like to shoot – dead or alive – and why?” It’s a cool question as I am totally into science fiction.

The magazine asked me to send them some of my works. My recent work is my exhibition project “Women in Malta”. At that time the work hasn’t finished yet. Then the magazine told me I can send them any of my work, “it’s about you”, they said. I was excited that I got the chance to show my ongoing project – Her, it’s a series of environmental self-portraits.

Here are the images from the magazine:

Project What's up with Amanda PinkMagazine_1-217x300 Interview in Pink Magazine Project What's up with Amanda PinkMagazine_2-218x300 Interview in Pink Magazine Project What's up with Amanda PinkMagazine_3-220x300 Interview in Pink Magazine

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