Why I have my own photograph taken?

Years ago, I used to hate being photographed. Now I don’t hate it but it is still an effort to put myself in front of the camera. It’s a journey and self-growth, I challenge myself to do something I fear and on the way, I learn a lot about myself.
I’m good at posing people but self-portrait is a very challenging task. There are too many things like angles, styling and posing to take care of and it’s definitely more challenging than photographing other people. I do it because “it’s challenging” and also because I know 10 years later I would be very happy to have the photograph, the memory that money can’t buy and it’s an amazing feeling to see my own growth and “ageing gracefully”. I hope this video will encourage people like me who don’t like to have photographs taken. I know how it feels and so I promise myself that I will make people like me, come to my studio feel more at ease in front of the camera and take the most beautiful photographs of them. And I am keeping the promise.

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