Photo Session with Josie Cassar

40over40 Photo Shoot Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_2186_logo Photo Session with Josie Cassar

40 Over 40

Josie is the type of woman when she walks into the room the place lite up with delightfulness.

She turned 45 in March but she made me feel as she were in her 20s, full of energy, enjoying life and a lot of laughters around her. She read all the notes and suggestion I gave her, she was well prepared for the shoot and we had fun and it was a blast.

I don’t remember how the photo shoot and interview we did turned into some great conversations. I am inspired by her and her stories. She told me about how she felt before the photo shoot, during the photo shoot and after the photo shoot. I love hearing stories like this, she gave me clear pictures of the process that she went through and how she was empowered by the photographic experience.

One of the things she said still make me smile, she said, she didn’t expect she would have many good photos but end up seeing so many beautiful photos presenting in front of her. She was happily overwhelmed. I’ve seen many women have similar experience in my studio, I think one of the reasons is, we, as women, are often too harsh on ourselves, criticise ourselves with small little things.

I believe that you don’t have to be a 20 years old or a skinny super model to have beautiful photographs. I believe that every woman can have and deserve beautiful photographs that will be cherished forever.

40 Over 40

40over40 Photo Shoot Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_2088logo Photo Session with Josie Cassar
40over40 Photo Shoot Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_2277logo Photo Session with Josie Cassar

Here Josie shared her thoughts She described her experience beautifully..

40 Over 40

The moment I learnt about the 40 over 40 project, I knew that I wanted to be a part of it.  So, I used my upcoming birthday as an excuse to indulge in some self-approved vanity.  I booked my session six weeks in advance so I had adequate time to prepare for the day.  However, nothing could prepare me for the vast range of emotions that I would experience before, during and after the photo shoot.

I admit, the photo shoot was tons of fun. It raised my confidence to new levels.  I left the studio 6 feet taller and 20 kilos lighter!  I was practically flying out the door.

But then I began to worry… What if I didn’t manage to get at least one good photo?  Did I smile enough or too much?  What are people going to think of me and my moment of narcissism?

These were the thoughts going through my mind on more than a few sleepless nights.

Then the big day arrived.  I call it the big day, because seeing the photos turned out to be a bigger event than the actual photo shoot.

I was nervous but excited.  I couldn’t wait to see what Amanda was going to share with me.  Again, nothing could prepare me for what I saw!  

Looking through my pictures was like seeing myself for the first time with totally different eyes.  I could tell what I was feeling in each capture and just couldn’t believe how well Amanda seemed to know me.  She caught my joyful moments, my vulnerability and uncertainty but also managed to make me look and feel so beautiful.  I have never seen my inner beauty come out so raw through a photograph.  

I was truly overwhelmed.  I felt like crying, I felt like shouting, I wanted to show the whole world that I, too, could be beautiful.  On my 45th birthday I had gifted myself the beauty of joy by celebrating the joy of beauty.

40over40 Photo Shoot Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_2366logo Photo Session with Josie Cassar
40over40 Photo Shoot Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_2435logo Photo Session with Josie Cassar
40over40 Photo Shoot Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_2497logo Photo Session with Josie Cassar


“40 Over 40” is an international campaign which is carrying out by photographers around the world, helping women 40+ to be seen and appreciated worldwide.

a celebration of women in their
40s, 50s, 60s and beyond.

For more information and how to be part of the project link:https://amandahsu.com/40over40/