Photo shoot with Loraine Bugeja

40over40 Photo Shoot Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_0171web Photo shoot with Loraine Bugeja

40 Over 40

When is the last time you do things for yourself?

Just for yourself.

So many women busy looking after their love ones and put themselves to the last one on the list. But remember, you deserve to be pampered and treat yourself well. More importantly, when you are happy, everyone around you share the joy and happiness.

40over40 Photo Shoot Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_0198web Photo shoot with Loraine Bugeja

40 Over 40

This is Loraine, 46.

What remarkable about Loraine is, she would get out of her way to help people. There was one of the ladies who couldn’t make it to the photo shoot because her job was demanding, she wouldn’t be able to make it in time to join the project if it wasn’t for Loraine who would change her photo shoot slot for her.
Here Loraine share her experience:
For me the photo shoot was super fun and finally it was something nice which was being done for MEEE … which I haven’t had in a loooong time. Also due to COVID I haven’t wore those clothes in ages it seems and it did feel so great dressing up.
For me beauty means a distinctive personality, a person who can smile, one who is especially kind and caring, understanding and loyal, treating others with respect and integrity. I still see beauty in every woman that same way at any age ! I don’t feel confident at all with my appearance and unfortunately it’s something beyond my control .. but I am very confident in my personality and do love my character.
My passion is photography it felt very weird being in front of the lens … but it felt soooo good .. Amanda you are a great person to work with.

I was excited when I was coming to see the photos .. I was a bit shocked because I could not believe that that person was meee .. I looked so different with a different hairstyle, with makeup which I hardly ever wear .. but I looked amazing

I would tell other women in their 40s, 50s or 60s about the photo shoot… Go for it .. enjoy these moments because we have done soo much for others in life , you now have an opportunity to do something for you … You will feel Amazing and Gorgeous no matter what !

40 Over 40

More information and how to participate 40 over 40:https://amandahsu.com/40over40/