Patricia 40 Over 40 Photo Shoot

40over40 Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_1012web-914x1280 Patricia 40 Over 40 Photo Shoot

It was such a pleasure working with Patricia. She has the most positive energy, she certainly brighten up our studio.

Here are some questions I asked Patricia and her answers:

  1. How did you mark turning 40, 50, 60, or 70? And how did that feel?

Unfortunately, we were in the middle of covid, so no celebrations could be done. However, I always celebrate my birthday with my husband and my son and turning 40 wouldn’t have been much different .. maybe we could have gone on a holiday, however still super blessed to have blown 42 cakes off my cake this year.  

  1. How has your relationship to time changed as you have gotten older? Has it sped up? Has it slowed down? When did it move the fastest for you?

Time has certainly sped up as I have gotten older, I try my best to fit in as many things Monday – Friday, and keep the weekend light to rewind and relax.

  1. Have your values changed over time? What do you value now?

I have always had strong values, since my teens, and very rarely did I go along with a ‘trend’ just because the rest are doing it. I always believed in being true to myself, have respect for myself and others around me, and always try my best to help people around me. Happiness was also something that I always tried to achieve, but nowadays, I certainly give Happiness much more value than before. It’s useless achieving things in life and not be happy. Whatever you do, it needs to bring you happiness. Yes, you need to do sacrifices, but happiness needs to be the ultimate goal. Money, fortune and a good career are nothing if you do not know how to appreciate the little things in life. Health is an important factor too, however you can find happiness even in sickness, and trying to be serene, when things don’t go as planned, is the trick to lead a fulfilled life.

  1. What have been the significant points of change in your life so far? How did these significant points in your life change you?

Most definitely the day I became a mother. Not only because now I was responsible for another human being, but because I was now a mother of a medically complex child with disabilities. 

This not opened a pandora box for my husband and myself, but we had to relearn what being a parent meant. We had to mourn the son we thought we will be having, and learn to embrace the new journey. 

This journey, made me a much stronger person, definitely had to break out of my comfort zone, but all so grateful for having the eye opening experience, of what really matters in life.

  1. What was your career? Or job path?

Im an IT person. I have been working in IT for around 25 years, and have been in the Software Testing and Quality Assurance sector for around 20 years.

  1. What is the one piece of advice you would give your 20-something self?

Always keep fighting for what you believe in, and don’t be afraid to take risks and fail. 

  1. How would you like people to describe you or see you?

Determined, Kind hearted, Altruistic and always bringing a piece of sunshine in any situation.

  1. When in your life, so far, have you felt most confident and why?

Confidence isn’t my ‘forte’ … I doubt myself on a daily basis, be it at work, be it as a person, a mum or wife.  I always want to give my best shot in anything I do, and that’s the thing that I struggle with .. is ‘am I doing enough?’.  

However the more time passes, the more I realise that ‘doing enough’ is different for everyone, and there will always be somewhere that critisizes you or thinks you’re not doing enough. Therefore I’m learning to accept that doing my best is always enough, and people’s opinion should not matter, as long as you put your heart and soul into anything you do.

  1. It would be really interesting to hear about any ambitions you have for the future?

I really want my family and myself, to live a happy life. Whatever that means, and whatever life will bring, I need to learn to accept it with an open heart and big smile on my face.

  1. Have these ambitions changed since you turned 40?

When I was younger, having money and material things was what I aimed for. Now, I aim for happiness and serenity.

  1. How do you think your generation is perceived by other generations?
40over40 Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_0925web-915x1280 Patricia 40 Over 40 Photo Shoot

Probably as ‘old’ and the time when ‘having fun’ ends.

  1. Are there any myths you would like to bust about the over-40s? If so, can you tell us about them?

They say that ‘Life starts at 40’, and there are no truer words. By the time you reach 40, you have lived through so many experiences, that you start appreciated what life really is. You give less thoughts on what others think about you, and you just live your life making things that make yourself happy, instead of relying on what other people think. You find your true friends and don’t have time for any fake people in your life. Its a good stage in your life to count your blessings and make it a point to achieve your goals.

Everyone has different goals in life they want to achieve, some are achievable and some aren’t, the important thing is that you are at peace at what life throws at you, and keep evolving your goals, till you find what makes you truly happy.

  1. Do you think that people who are 40+ are represented in advertising? How do you feel about it?

40+ women are usually associated with only menopause or ‘do something to look younger’ advertising. You hardly find a 40+ woman, being portrayed as a successful happy fulfilled person, that is happy with her life, and wrinkles and stretchmarks too.  Yes, it’s good to take care of yourself, and one should always strive to look better, but there is nothing wrong with looking your age when you’re over 40.  Wrinkles are a sign of a fulfilled life, stretchmarks and scars come from experiences you passed through. Being 40+ is a great stage in life, and there is still plenty of time to achieve anything you want in life.

Here are some questions I asked Patricia after our photo shoot:

  1. Why was the photo session important for you to do?

It was important for 2 reason … first reason was for myself, to learn how to appreciate all the wrinkles and imperfections and embrace was life has taught me. Secondly, I did this photoshoot with a friend who had a life changing surgery, and wanted her to embrace her new self and understand that whatever life throws at her, she should still be proud of herself and that looks do not define who she is.

40over40 Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_1442web-914x1280 Patricia 40 Over 40 Photo Shoot
  1. Do you define beauty differently now than you did twenty years ago?If so, how?

20 years ago beauty was defined by how the exterior looks .. nowadays I learned that beauty is much more than that. Beauty is embracing your imperfections, your experiences, and your understanding that beauty truly comes from within.

  1. How did it feel to be photographed?

Being photographed felt easy, as long as I wore my smile, it felt quite good.

  1. What would you tell other women in their 40s, 50s or 60s about doing something outside their comfort zone?

Think about it once, twice .. but once you make up your mind, do not go back. Its nice to stay in one’s comfort zone, but it’s only when we step outside of this, that we grow and become a better person.

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