Ann 40 Over 40 Photo Shoot

40over40 Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_5407_web-914x1280 Ann 40 Over 40 Photo Shoot

Ann contacted me on her birthday when she turned 40. She always wanted to join 40 Over 40 project but before she was under 40. Her partner was very supportive to her idea and even join her at end of her photo shoot. It was such a joyful photo shoot with Ann and her beautiful family. 40over40 Photo Shoot 1f970 Ann 40 Over 40 Photo Shoot I love a family portrait that shows the spirit and the characters of the family. These are the memories that will last forever. 40over40 Photo Shoot 1f60d Ann 40 Over 40 Photo Shoot 40over40 Photo Shoot 2764 Ann 40 Over 40 Photo Shoot 40over40 Photo Shoot 2764 Ann 40 Over 40 Photo Shoot 40over40 Photo Shoot 2764 Ann 40 Over 40 Photo Shoot

40over40 Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_5496web-914x1280 Ann 40 Over 40 Photo Shoot

Here are some question I asked Ann:

How did you mark turning 40, 50, 60, or 70? And how did that feel?

I marked my 40 years of life surrounded by my closest friends and family.  I thought turning 40 will make me feel miserable but it was the opposite. I embraced every moment and felt so grateful that I made it this far healthy, with a great support system around me, a job that I love and I am blessed with a little family of my own.

40over40 Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_5520_web-914x1280 Ann 40 Over 40 Photo Shoot

How has your relationship to time changed as you have gotten older? Has it sped up? Has it slowed down? When did it move the fastest for you?

Since I had my son 7 years ago, life sped up and at one point I felt I was losing myself. Until one day I wanted to get my old self back and started taking care of myself more, enrolled into a diploma course in interior design, something that I always put aside due to time constraints and actively started looking for a new job that fulfills me.

40over40 Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_5894_web-914x1280 Ann 40 Over 40 Photo Shoot

What have been the significant points of change in your life so far? How did these significant points in your life change you?

The passing of my dad 3 years ago was life changing. He was only 65, he worked hard all his life and postponed a lot of things until one day he will retire…but he never made it.  I promised myself that I will not leave things for later in life and live every moment like it was the last.

40over40 Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_5959_web-914x1280 Ann 40 Over 40 Photo Shoot

What was your career? Or job path?

I studied commerce at university specialising in management. I worked in market research and later with a leading fmcg company. Two years ago I decided to change my career completely and wanted to surround myself with creative people and beautiful things that house projects bring with it.

40over40 Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_5800_web-914x1280 Ann 40 Over 40 Photo Shoot

What is the one piece of advice you would give your 20-something self?

Be kinder to yourself, believe in yourself, take care of your body and your mind, surround yourself with positive people, ignore judgements and instead focus on constructive criticism, travel travel travel and enjoy life! 

40over40 Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_5734_web-914x1280 Ann 40 Over 40 Photo Shoot

If you had a bucket list, what’s your favorite thing you’ve checked off?

Going on a missionary trip in Peru, seeing wild animals in their natural habitat, watching concerts of bands that I loved when I was younger, and driving a vespa 🙂

What gets you up in the morning? What are your motivations?

My son. He keeps me active and gives me the greatest satisfactions.

40over40 Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_5994_web-1280x914 Ann 40 Over 40 Photo Shoot

How would you like people to describe you or see you?

Kind, down to earth and always ready for an adventure.

40over40 Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_5549_web-914x1280 Ann 40 Over 40 Photo Shoot

When in your life, so far, have you felt most confident and why?

When I took the leap to make a complete career change. I felt ready to do this big leap and determined to make it work.

40over40 Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_5783_web-914x1280 Ann 40 Over 40 Photo Shoot

It would be really interesting to hear about any ambitions you have for the future?

My greatest ambition is to have a full life, seeing my son grow and travel to far away places with my family.

Are there any myths you would like to bust about the over-40s? If so, can you tell us about them?

40 is not old! 40 is an age of maturity, self love and new opportunities.

40over40 Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_5369_web-914x1280 Ann 40 Over 40 Photo Shoot

Do you think that people who are 40+ are represented in advertising? How do you feel about it?

I think we had made great progress in this regard. The fact that influential people who have been our idols and are now older are still portrayed as the beautiful women that they are irrespective of their age.

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