Do it for yourself, whatever “it” might be

My Thoughts & Philosophy boudoir Do it for yourself, whatever "it" might be

When I started to specialise on photographing women, I started to implement art nude and boudoir (lingerie) in my sessions. Besides the beautiful portraits, I found the sensual art nude and boudoir images are most empowering to women. They couldn’t believe they could have such sensual and beautiful images of themselves until they were brave enough to try. They see themselves in a different way. “It’s me?!” “I did this?!” “I can’t believe these are so beautiful and it’s me.” They gasp while looking at their own images. It doesn’t matter the image is framed in her bedroom or tuck away under the bed, every time she looks at the image, she remembers how beautiful she is, and that’s empowering. Many women don’t do it because they don’t think they can do it, but it’s never about size, shape or ages, everyone can do it, everyone has their own beauty. Some judge other women who would want such “provocative” images of themselves, some jealous the how daring those women are. But it’s never about what other people think, isn’t it?

When is last time you do things for yourself? Something bold, challenging and adventurous?

My mission is to empower women, one at a time. 🙂