Facing the camera, photogenic or not?

Many people are shy or some even have the fear when facing the camera. Many of my clients told me that they think they’re not photogenic or they just don’t look good in front of camera. But I alway found the problem is not what they think is it.

They just simply don’t know how to express themselves in front of the camera and sometimes lack of confidence.

It’s like everything, for example, like playing valley ball or any other sport. If you have a good coach and you practice a lot, then you get better and eventually be good at it.

It’s the same with facing a camera and being photographed.

I like to talk to my client when I’m shooting. Sometimes I talk too much or I tell jokes to my client then I got the shots with lots of laughter. Well, that’s me, I always like a bit of girly talk and I love to see the beautiful smiles. Just because I love the smiles and the beautiful gaze so much that I try all sort of ways to get the natural look and smile. That’s how I get people to be relaxed when they meet me the first time.

Everyone is so different, through the chat and the pre shoot consultation, we communicate and my client and I get to know each other better. The first time I met Antonella, it was the shooting day, before that we only use emails to communicate. Like many people come to the shoot, she was nerves when she arrived.  We chatted and get to know each other, then slowly, she started to trust me, followed my instructions. Not only that we had many great shots also we had fun and a great time together.

That’s what I like about photographing people, I guide them throughout the shoot, they gain confident and they show the most amazing beauty of themselves to me. It’s like a magic when I get those beautiful shots, it’s rewarding. And they have those beautiful images of their portrait, become a life time treasure, can be pass on generation to generation.

I believe everyone has beauty in them.

Life has all kinds of possibilities and the beauty is not what it is, is how you make it.