Weddings with Maroon 5

I have to share this. I’m constantly inspired by music videos. They are mini movies with compact stories, mixed with all the delicious elements. Telling a story and at the same time to be short and sweet, that is the most difficult part. It is absolutely a great idea that they crash into the weddings in order to get the real emotions. I shoot weddings, I know how valuable is it to capture the real emotion. The thing is, Maroon 5 they went to the wedding and “created” the emotions. One of those most charming moment of the grooms is when the couple saw Maroon 5 revealed in front of them, the moment the grooms were looking at their brides, seeing how joyful she was, with the lovely expression and look, I know he’s so in love, and it’s so beautiful. Look at the first groom, he is totally sentimental about his bride, he’s so adorable! The lighting in studio and the setup are so cool with all the flying papers. I’d like to try that one day. Sugar? Yes, please. 🙂 Click Here take you to youtube.

Makeup and hair for “Women in Malta”

I’ve always interested in life experience, my own life experience and people’s life experience. And they all teach me something. I have Anabel and Remi as makeup artist and hairstylist of my exhibition project “Women in Malta”. They taught me something. Anabel just lives a few blocks away from me, so we went to Valletta for photo shoots together in the morning. Normally it takes about 30 minutes to get to Valletta but if we meet traffic that can be an hour or more. She didn’t want to take the chance being late. “What time we have to be in Valletta tomorrow?” She asked. “8 o’clock” I replied. “I’ll pick you up at 6:30” She said. It turns out we always get to Valletta before 8am or a lot earlier and I’m very happy about it. She was quite persistent to check the makeup in my camera before I started to shoot. I often forgot to check and she would ask. She wants her work to look perfect in the photos and we did went on and on with some details. I know the more she cares the better the result. When I started to look for people to work […]

Video Challenge

For mobile:CLICK HERE, it will take you to youtube. It’s not easy to be in front of a camera. But I guess it’s a way and process to learn about yourself and learn to love yourself. I try to embrace of what I have and who I am. I want to be the person who will always love me, the way I am, even when my hair becomes grey and teeth fall off. I am the love of my life. Sometimes I have doubts, feeling insecure and shy but learn to trust, be calm and confident. Friends are awesome, they help me a great deal. My friend Justyna, she is a drama school student and she taught me that in life there are different situations, you have to learn to imagine the role you’re in and act the part right. When I was recording the videos, it took 9 times to get one that is only just acceptable. The one that I eventually look natural is the one when I thought of my friends and family. I thought of recording the video is to entertain them, then I look much better, like I was recording a home video to my […]

Women in Malta – working progress

(Something resembling!!!) I’d like to think that I am immortal (too much The Lord of The Rings), I perform magic (too much Harry Potter and photography) and time is the most valuable thing and everything (too much Lucy. I’m having a love-and-hate relationship with time. ) There are rough times when I have to keep telling myself “don’t give up, keep going. ” But it’s nicer to hear someone to say it. (Friends are awesome!) Anyway, after months’ preparation, contacting, meetings, research and work, finally “Women in Malta” is going to start the photo shoots next week. I’m very excited about it. This project has been testing my stamina and put me through challenges, nothing is easy in life as we all know it. It’s been a great ride and a lot of fun. (I’m loving it) I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who help me with this project, I can’t do it without you and am immensely grateful to you. The photographs for the “Women in Malta” exhibition won’t be uploaded to Facebook or Website. it’s totally “hush hush” as I would like to invite EVERYONE, all of you, to come to see the exhibition. […]

What ever you do, believe in yourself and never give up

About 5 years ago, I have written a novel and several short stories. I tried to join competitions in order to get noticed and the stories published. Remembering those days, live like a vampire, I wrote when I can,and  that means 4 o’clock in the morning until I got too tired to carry on. Doing what you love is easy, you can keep doing it, it’s simply because you love it. But getting a book published is a pain, how do you get the publisher to like your book and will end up give you a nice contract which come with a beautiful check? Ryan Attard, a Maltese novelist who writes urban fantasy English novels. I say to people that I’m a portrait photographer specialise on woman’s portrait so my clients are mainly women. But there’s always a exception. Ryan is one of my client’s friend, she recommended him to me. He needs his portraits on website and his books. I was really happy that I have the opportunity to photograph an author. We met up a few times and I got to know the way he works. When he talks about his work, he was so enthusiastic and lively, […]

Love yourself…NOW!

We girls are always picking on ourselves. A thin girl would like to have bigger boobs and more defined waist. A curvy girl would like to be slimmer. Dark hair would like to have lighter colour hair and blonde girls want to try to have darker colour hair. I have natural straight hair, you know, the kind called Asian straight. So I’ve always tried to curled my hair, I have all kind of tools and hair mousse, gel….but you know what…that’s what my mum gave me, if I don’t go to do a permanent perm my hair never stay curl for more than 5 hours. When I went to my hair dresser asked about the perm, he looked at my hair and had a sort of hesitate manner, he slowly explained to me that my hair will have to do the perm treatment like twice or 3 times to get the curls properly. Then I gave up the thought because I don’t really want my hair look like sun dry straws. When my dear sister Carol been through her teenager time, she was slowly putting on weight. She hated it and tried all sort of horrible diet. The 3-day-apple diet, […]

Facing the camera, photogenic or not?

Many people are shy or some even have the fear when facing the camera. Many of my clients told me that they think they’re not photogenic or they just don’t look good in front of camera. But I alway found the problem is not what they think is it. They just simply don’t know how to express themselves in front of the camera and sometimes lack of confidence. It’s like everything, for example, like playing valley ball or any other sport. If you have a good coach and you practice a lot, then you get better and eventually be good at it. It’s the same with facing a camera and being photographed. I like to talk to my client when I’m shooting. Sometimes I talk too much or I tell jokes to my client then I got the shots with lots of laughter. Well, that’s me, I always like a bit of girly talk and I love to see the beautiful smiles. Just because I love the smiles and the beautiful gaze so much that I try all sort of ways to get the natural look and smile. That’s how I get people to be relaxed when they meet me the […]