Photo Shoot with Professor David Mifsud

Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_8414 Photo Shoot with Professor David Mifsud


I call David “Professor Insect” because he is so passionate studying insects. He has published numerous articles and several books about them. He even discovered a new specie of insect which he named  it after his name. He has done so much, I’ve only mentioned a few of his achievements here.

I’ve shared many women’s portraits from #40over40 , I thought it would be interesting to share a man’s perspective of what a photo shoot in our studio like and what suggestion he would give to women who are hesitant to do a photo shoot.

Below David share with us his experience, 

Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_8764 Photo Shoot with Professor David Mifsud


In my opinion the photo shoot was all such a great experience. From the little makeup and liner done with the makeup artist till the very end. Discussing with Amanda what combination of clothes to wear…it was just great…and I strongly suggest it to everyone.

It was just great to be photographed. Amanda is so good in doing this and she was helping me all the time..for right posture…right background etc…it was just great. You need to feel good and you need to think that each and every photo will be great…a work of arts…you need to be positive all the time not only during such a session….but especially so 🙂

Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_8714 Photo Shoot with Professor David Mifsud


When I saw the results I just could not believe the end results. There was no photoshop editing…so it was me all the time…so natural…so amazing…and this is a great experience which everyone should do. I often talk to people who tell me that I do not look good, I am not pretty and all this…this is all wrong. You have to look at your personality…your body…always in a positive way…we need to learn to accept and love how we are and once this is done the rest is a roller skater experience 🙂

Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_8635 Photo Shoot with Professor David Mifsud
Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_8384 Photo Shoot with Professor David Mifsud
Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_8298 Photo Shoot with Professor David Mifsud

If photo shoot is out of your comfort zone, I would suggest just go for it…because life it too short…and if you do not do it now…you may miss the train once and for all. So just go for it without hesitation. You will all love it. 20 years ago there was a lot of taboo and stupidities. Now things are a bit better and this is all a place for all women to go out there and sound their voices 🙂

Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_8605 Photo Shoot with Professor David Mifsud

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