The Women In Me 2017 Event

It was a very nice experience to join Women in Me, the yearly event. This year was my second time join the event. I was a guest speaker, talked about women confidence and how to look better in photos. Thanks to the organisers that I had the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with other women. Every year is different, there were new stands and new faces. This year we’ve got many skin care brands to share with us their products and they are very generous giving out samples. I’ve also got the information about there is a mental health course organized by Richmond Foundation Malta. Here is the link if you’re interested. So much great information all in one event! If you missed this year’s The Women in Me”, make sure to join us next year. Follow the The Women in Me facebook page:

Artist Portraits for Art Exhibition Incontri

It was real fun to photograph four artists and all of them utilize different media to express their art. I think artists are the most playful, they were like children in my studio. I photograph babies and young children and babies every week, so I’m well trained. I often get the compliments, “Amanda, you are very patient.” Yes, I am and I think playing is a way of life, the way we learn new things, the way we live, laugh and have fun. Here are some “Behind the Scene” photos when we were having the photo shoot. Getting their makeup done. They were curious about how makeup artist Martina and I work together. We were adjusting the makeup 🙂 When I photograph another photographer, I often got photos taken also. XD That was Enzo photographing me. Discussions with Enzo about photography while shooting. The artists managed to find toys in my studio to play with while I was shooting. They were just like children, very playful and fun to be with. Photographing Josette, this was the second time I photographed her. She is beautiful as usual. And the guys managed to make her smile all the time. Shooting and giving instructions […]

Presentation at photography workshop in Ragusa Sicily.

Thanks so much for the Associazione fotografi Iblei for inviting me as a special guest photographer in the workshop in Ragusa. I was happy to have the opportunity to share my work with fellow photographers.   I talked about my fine art self-portrait project “Her” and receive many good responses. I talked about how I made the photographs and the stories behind them. They are very generous with applause, I was very encouraged and feeling grateful that people appreciate my work and the concept behind them. I’ve also shown some of my recent fine art works which I haven’t shown to public before. I had an interpreter Ric for the translation from English to Italian. He had done a great job. The workshop organizer Enzo.  I talked about my exhibition project last year Women in Malta, showing the behind the scene video. The photographers came from allover Italy. There were 4 master photographers hosting 4 different workshops. They are wedding photographer Vincenzo Ferraro, reportage photographer Charley Fazio, post production Giuseppe Andretta and wedding videographer Vito D’Agostino. The workshop event was covered by television and newspaper. I was interviewed a few time by local medias. Photo taken with the master photographers. […]

Wedding in Malta at the Seabank Hotel

Annmarie and Blaine, both from Ireland, had decided to come to Malta to exchange their vows on a destination wedding. In September Malta is a beautiful place to visit and was perfect for the outdoor wedding of their dreams. The couple chose the Seabank Hotel in Melieha as their wedding and reception venue, and the day started early with the bride and her bridesmaids getting their hair and makeup done in her room. Even the flowergirls, daughters of the couple put on a little bit of lipgloss and were gifted with beautiful flower crowns to wear during the ceremony and reception. Meanwhile, Blaine and his groomsmen were getting dressed in their suits and sharing in lots of laughs and some drinks and took some time to pose out on their sunny balcony that overlooked the water with friends and family. When the time came for the ceremony, Blaine was so moved when he saw his stunning bride in her beautiful white dress and flowing, lace trimmed veil. The weather was perfect and the couple said their loving vows in front of friends and family before sharing their first kiss as husband and wife. After the ceremony, friends and family congratulated […]

Malta Notarial Archives On Maltese TV programme Madwarna

This is one of the projects I am working on, photographing the Maltese national treasure -the notarial archives. The program is done very nicely, you can see how people working in the archives including me. 🙂 I bump into them while they were filming. It’s been a pleasure to work in the archives. Thanks Madwarna for including me in the programme. You can watch the programme online: There are many volunteers involving and working at the archives including myself. It’s a great feeling to be able to “give” something to people and to help.  

Mother, Baby and Children Fair

    Thank you for everyone who came and visited my stand at the Mother, baby and children Fair at the Phoenicia hotel last week. It was fun and very enjoyable that I had the opportunity to talk to so many people in 2 days! I have so many good responses. It was really great! Thank you for my neighbours who looked after me and brought me coffees. Thanks for fellow photographer friends came by and say hello, that was really nice. Thank you for everyone who booked photo session at the stand, thank you for your support. Thanks everyone who participated the activity at my stand. The list of the prizes: Free makeup voucher for all occasion by Madam Reve. Free Classic facial voucher with head, neck and shoulder massage by Madam Reve. 25€ Gift Voucher by Xus Malta (Shoes) 15€ Gift Voucher by Satisfasion (Accessory) 20€ Gift Voucher by Zucchero (Clothes, shoes, accessory) 30€ Photo Session Gift Voucher by Amanda Hsu   Here is the list of the winners: Maria Mizzi Dorianne Mamo Sylvia Curmi Ritianne Tabone Yanica Sammut Dorothy Piscopo Putzen Sheridan Vella Goodall Catherine Tyner Rodianne Gardiner Elizabeth Muscat Emma Tabone Charmaine Vella Laura Harbin Elaine […]

SSD drive broke down

I have 2 hard drives died in 2 years. (one a year!) One is a SATA drive, I managed recovered 90% of the data. My SSD drive which I use as a system drive for my laptop have died on me in September. I have tried many methods to recover the data but so far nothing worked. My last backup for that drive was the end of June…..(so it’s about time for you to do a backup today.) All my photographs I keep them in a separate drive with 2 backups. The data I lost are my project plans and working journal I have been keeping it for a long time. I like to keep a track of things I did and see the progress over the time. My conclusion is, I like the speed and the shockproof feature of a SSD drive, so if you’re going for a SSD hard drive, make sure you make backups often. It’s more likely that when a SSD decide to die, it’s hard to breathe it back to life. Now I make backup daily. It was a lesson to learn.

Amazing ride – Women in Malta

All the photographs were dismounted yesterday. This whole project took me 6 months, finally all is finished and done. I’m happy. I feel so tired and think I can sleep for a week. I have received a lot of support and encouragement since I start the project “Women in Malta”. But to be honest I had no idea what I got myself into. It was just a very simple idea, to photograph women. Running this project was certainly not an easy task. Besides my main work as a portrait photographer, the project took up rest of my time. My average working hour was about 14-15 hours a day. Meetings, writing, emails, messages, problems, problem solving and more problem solving. Scientist says that human use only 20% of their brain, in that case, I was certainly trying to push my brain to more than 50%, as my brain hurts sometimes. I have so much appreciation and gratitude toward to all the people who helped along the way, I feel loved and being looked after, I can’t thank you enough. Your support and encouragement are my drive to push myself further. It got me through the difficult times when I thought the […]