Professional Headshot Photo Shoot with Viviana

Viviana needed something new headshots to reflect her new business and career path so she booked a headshot photo session with me.

Photo Shoot AmandaHsu_9531-914x1280 Professional Headshot Photo Shoot with Viviana

Here Viviana shares her experience of photo session with us:

At the beginning I was shy and I was afraid of the make up as I usually don’t do make up but then the more we got into the photo session Amanda guided me into the poses and what we wanted to achieve with them highlighting my strengths and my peculiar characteristics. She really tried to get the best out of me and she succeeded!

Impressed, I like the photographs a lot, I can see a new different version of me, In the photographs I can see a powerful woman and a woman happy and satisfied about what she has become.

The photo shoot experience indeed improved my confidence. It proved me that I can be a confident business woman and still smiling and being gentle and kind. My friends were shocked with the photographs and they keep telling me that I should always do my make up and wear like this. But I think more than the outside it is the confident that those picture show and the new version of me I am embracing internally but I also need to embrace and enhance externally, and bring it to the world.

Apart from the professional headshots, I thought since Viviana already had the hair and makeup done, why not take the opportunity create some beautiful portraits?! So we did, we created some stunning and artistic portraits with Viviana. 🙂

Photo Shoot AmandaHsu_9591-1280x914 Professional Headshot Photo Shoot with Viviana
Photo Shoot AmandaHsu_9616-914x1280 Professional Headshot Photo Shoot with Viviana

Viviana is the founder of Global Mindset Development GMD Malta, here is some introduction about her and her work:
Her business describtion: With trainings, team building, cultural immersion experiences and relocation support, we help companies, organisation and individuals to develop a global mindset to understand the worlds around them promoting cultural awareness, diversity and inclusion strategies and intercultural communication capabilities. Recognising and valuing cultural diversity can help our clients to promote inclusion and a sense of belonging in their organisations, to attract and retain diverse talent and to value and transform a diverse workforce into a real competitive advantage.

Photo Shoot AmandaHsu_9559-914x1280 Professional Headshot Photo Shoot with Viviana

HOW LONG HAVE YOU HAD YOUR OWN BUSINESS: I have been working on international mobility and cultural diversity as a freelance consultant for profit and not for profit organisations for more than 10 years in Europe, North America and the Middle East but I started my company Global Mindset Development GMD Malta in Malta less than one year ago. I created my own business after a complicated summer in 2018 due to an emergency surgery and the following treatments and it was my rebirth and the outcome of 10 years of work, experiences and people I met in my journey. With GMD Malta I was finally able to organise all my knowledge, my expertise and my contacts and to develop exciting projects and collaborations to help companies and individuals in Malta and abroad. 

Photo Shoot AmandaHsu_9507-1280x914 Professional Headshot Photo Shoot with Viviana

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS & ASPIRATIONS FOR YOUR BUSINESS: My aim is to grown in Malta and abroad and to be able to serve as much companies and organisations as possible promoting diversity and inclusion for a better society. I am also aiming to continue to develop interesting partnership with innovative organisations and ideas in Malta and all over the world. I strongly believe that nowadays everyone needs a global mindset, a curious mindset open to the world and to the others withouth fear and that develop a global mindset can help everyone in all the aspects of their life. It’s for everyone, everywhere!  

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