Photogenic or Not?

When I talk to people and show them my portrait work on my phone, I often hear people say “oh, she is so photogenic, not like me, I’m not photogenic at all.”, “Is she a model? She looks good in front of the camera, not like me, I hate to have my photo taken.”, “oh I have a friend she is very photogenic, she looks great in photos but not me.” My Thoughts & Philosophy Amanda_Hsu_9666_An Photogenic or Not?
I’ve been in the photographic industry for so many years, I’ve seen average women shine in front of the camera over and over again. What I discovered was, there is no such thing as the gift you were given “being photogenic”, it’s everything to do with how comfortable you are in front of the camera, and that’s my job. 🙂My Thoughts & Philosophy 12776942_10201427285760160_1975341182_o Photogenic or Not?
I love the celebrity style of portraits in the Vanity Affair and Vogue magazine, the elegant and gorgeous images are just captivating. I have done photo shoots for several magazines including local magazines Sunday Circle and Pink magazine, so I know what is it like to design a magazine photo shoot. Now I do every photo shoot like magazine cover photo shoot, it is so much fun. I even design outfits and accessories for photo shoots for women in all ages, sizes and shapes. After we style a woman, she looks just like the models in the magazine. I just love the transformation we do in our studio, it’s magic. 🙂
So don’t be afraid of being photographed, in our studio, we guide you through every step of the process and help you to create the beautiful photographs of yourself that you always want.

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