Photo Shoot with Miha

It’s such a joy to see a woman’s transformation in front of my camera. The experience of being photographed is a precious lifetime memory.

Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_2717_web Photo Shoot with Miha

I met Miha in an event, she was visiting Malta for 2 weeks, it was a business and travel combined trip. As I talked to her with other women at the event, she got interested in my job and later when we were having lunch, I learned that she is working in a company in Florida which provide course to teach people how to use glider, later on, I learned that she has a license for glider as well! That’s super amazing! she told me her 39th birthday was coming soon and she would like to gift herself a photo shoot as a birthday present. I was thinking, oh wow, it’s an awesome idea to have a photo shoot on birthday to celebrate life! It was only 2 days away, so I did my best to arrange everything, luckily I was able to book her in and tell her what she should prepare and what to bring. She was in Malta for 2 weeks so she didn’t have many clothes with her, but it’s fine, I have a studio wardrobe with beautiful dresses so she doesn’t have to worry about her outfits. I just love styling people for photo shoots, I can be so creative to create different looks and I was very happy with the outfits I styled for her.

Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_2562_web Photo Shoot with Miha

After she received her photographs, she sent an email and told me she intends to do a photo shoot each year on her birthday. I was so happy to hear it, I am so touched with happy tears in my eyes, return clients and their referrals are the best compliments for me. I’m already so looking forward to photographing Miha again!

Photo Shoot AmandaHsu_2498-853x1280 Photo Shoot with Miha

Here, Miha shares her photo session experience.

“Amanda did my first professional photo session, I was curious to know the process. The entire experience was worthy, very relaxing, Amanda was great at giving me directions, easy to follow. I feel my images are Classy, natural, beautiful images. This photo shoot gave me more confidence, worth trying for everyone.

Photo Shoot Amanda_Hsu_2446_web Photo Shoot with Miha
Photo Shoot AmandaHsu_2650-1280x896 Photo Shoot with Miha