Glamour Photo Shoot

What’s the word for 50+ women? I think it’s fabulous.

I love photographing matured women, they are so much fun to be with. They are witty, smart and they know what they want. I often get inspired by them.

I’m curious about life and people. I like to be with people who can give me different prospective about things in life and sharing invaluable life experience. That’s why we always talk a lot during the photo session and that’s also how I get the most beautiful photographs of them.

I let them to be who they are, then they shine.



Amanda_Hsu_4143 Amanda_Hsu_4294



Everyone is different, I always want to create something special and beautiful. I love this black and white portrait.


Amanda_Hsu_3905 Amanda_Hsu_4056

Stylish and elegant.


Amanda_Hsu_9416 Amanda_Hsu_9526 Amanda_Hsu_9564ii Amanda_Hsu_9945

Celebrating young and beautiful. We absolutely love the results.


Exhibition Project – Women in Malta

This exhibition project “Women in Malta”, dedicated to my dearest friends, family and all the women in Malta. I am inviting 20 amazing women who are over 40 and living in Malta to join this project. This project  is to raise awareness of women’s influence in Malta.

Every woman has her own stories to tell. I hope to through the portraits exhibition and the stories of the women will help to encourage, inspire people and encourage people to employ and promote more women in life.

Sponsorships are very welcome to support and finance this project. The portraits will be exhibited on Women’s Day which is 8th March in 2015 in Valletta.

Amanda Hsu

Updates and log about this exhibition project will be on this page:

Women in Malta 2015 – Portrait Exhibition Project

Stay tuned!

Portrait ideas – Free Posing

Free posing is one of the difficult things to do in front of camera.

Most of my clients are not professional models, usually I give a lot of instructions to help them to pose. Where to put the hands, the way they look, chin, neck and shoulder, I pose them to the most flattering position to compliment their features. Of course, I use posing and lighting to thin them down and to create the most attractive shape of their body.

But it’s a wonderful feeling to have free posing images. It’s natural, casual and fun.

So normally I use the dancing method, I ask them to dance in front of camera. And the dance I teach them to do is super simple, basically I just ask them to swing, swing to the left and swing to the right.

The way I dance here is a bit more like free style dance. I love dancing and I love to see the movement in the images, freeze the beautiful moments.

[singlepic id=2 w=800 float=none]


Behind the scene.

[singlepic id=1 w=800 float=none]