40 over 40 Photo Shoot with Marika Asciak

Q: How has your relationship to time changed as you have got older?

Has it sped up? Has it slowed down? When did it move fastest for you?

Life has slowed down a bit. Now I am more mature, and you start thinking before doing something. See if it is worth doing. When the children were young, I was much busier, going to work and taking care of my family. 

Q: Have your values changed over time? What do you value now?

I think they have changed. When I was young, my life was much more hectic, going from one thing to another. Now, I prefer piece and quiet. Going for long walks. I value the friendship I have with some close friends. I still like some adventure every now and then, but I appreciate the simple things of life more, like the beauty of nature and open spaces. 

40 Over 40

40over40 Photo Shoot AmandaHsu_2389_logo 40 over 40 Photo Shoot with Marika Asciak

Q: What have been the most significant points of change in your life so far? How did these significant points in your life change you?

Having my two children and the death of my mother. The beginning and end of life of people who are close to you. You value the love you share with close family members. How important it is to love and take care of yourself mentally and physically.

Q: What was your career? Or job path?

Ans- I am a senior nurse specializing in the urology department at Mater Dei. I have been working as a nurse since 1988. I am a very caring person. These last few months were a challenge for us health workers because of COVID-19. There was always the fear of getting infected and infecting family members. We had to wear Personal Protective Equipment most of the time. But Malta and the Maltese fared well in the situation. 

Q: What is the one piece of advice you would give to your 20 something self?

Ans- Follow your dreams. If there is something that you really wish to do or somewhere you want to go, just do it or go for it. Do what makes you happy in life; do not be influenced by others.

40 Over 40

40over40 Photo Shoot AmandaHsu_2276web 40 over 40 Photo Shoot with Marika Asciak

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